№1 artist for me!

I’m convinced that everybody on our planet is talented! We often underestimate ourselves and hide our light under a bushel. We compare ourselves with others and make a big mistake, because each of us is individual! I try to develop various skills at time to see what I’m capable of. My latest interest is painting. At first, it was only a pastime, but soon I discovered all the benefits of this wonderful occupation:

  • It allows me to relax after work. Sometimes it even relieves my headache.
  • Painting can be useful for getting rid of negative emotions. Instead of keeping the pain inside, I reveal it!
  • It improved my concentration.
  • Painting cultivates my diligence and perseverance as I work on the piece until it becomes what I want it to be.
  • After finishing a picture, I feel satisfied. This process gives me a boost of self-esteem!

There’s one more reason which encourages me to take out watercolors and a brush. Leonid Afremov is a person who inspires me and serves as an example for today’s young artists. If you’ve never seen his oil canvases, start filling in this gap right now! His unique style and high-quality creations will take your breath away!
I’ve bought one of Leonid’s paintings for my bedroom. It perfectly suits my taste and the design of the room. I can examine the picture for hours, wondering if I ever rise to the artist’s level. His online gallery displays hundreds of incredible works that deserve worldwide recognition. I’m ashamed to say but when I saw them for the first time, I didn’t believe they were hand-painted. I suspected Afremov of dishonesty, so I dared dial the number mentioned on the website afremov.com. There I got a detailed answer about the canvas, its price and size. It turned out that I wouldn’t have to pay for shipping ‘cause it’s free! When I received the painting, it dispelled all my doubts. The colors were marvelous! I couldn’t take my eyes off that still life! Each petal of the flower was depicted with great care and love. It seemed I was looking at a real bouquet. There’s so much light in Leonid’s pieces of art! I hope that one day I’ll reach the point when my works will be exhibited in galleries. But I’ll always remember who my teacher was! Modern painting wouldn’t be so iridescent without Leonid Afremov!






Never give up!

I admire people who find strength to live in spite of any difficulties. Their stories prove that our everyday complaints are trifling. Recently I read an article about a man with a prosthetic leg, who took part in a marathon http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/man-with-prosthetic-leg-carries-woman-across-boston-marathon-finish-line/ar-BBzXfYY?li=BBnbcA1. Earl Granville has faced a lot of hardships. Two of his friends died as a result of the blast during a war. His twin brother, who was also a military, committed suicide. Of course, these tragedies influenced Earl’s psychological state. As he says himself, he had been making ‘very unhealthy choices’. But one day he decided to give up his bad habits and changed his lifestyle. Though Earl lost a part of his leg in 2008 in Afghanistan, one can learn from his will and striving for better! He competed in multiple marathons, including New York, Chicago and Detroit using a hand-bike. His last competition in Boston was just running. But its closing moment touched the hearts of many by-standers. Granville wanted to have some fun and carried his guide Andi Piscopo across the finish line. There was also the third passenger with them – the American flag! Such a funny episode shows how valuable support and belief are! Andi and Earl have run in many races together and I think they could be a nice couple!

Give way to young talent!

When the whole house closes its ears, it means that I’m taking a violin lesson. My name’s Jane and I’d like to become a professional musician. Guess, my neighbors don’t get pleasure from my playing because yesterday Mr. Brown asked if I offered them in sacrifice. Well, life’s not a bed of roses, you know. 🙂 Though I have a profound respect for old people, sometimes they can be very annoying. Not to irritate them even more, I occupy myself with a quieter activity, such as painting, listening to music (in earphones, of course) or reading magazines. But no one is immune from losing his patience!:-)